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About us

Feet me up is a venture wherein uniquely abled people hand paint shoes. Feet Me up aims at providing training to uniquely abled people to hand curate shoe and accessories so as to open employment opportunities for these people and help them in becoming functionally independent in life. The motto of Feet Me Up is “Let’s make dependent independent”,

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Feet Me Up is a three and a half year old company started by two women, a Psychologist and a Physiotherapist who have been running a special school in Delhi for last ten years. During this journey, they realised the major problem that the uniquely abled people face is the lack of employment opportunities for them. This is when the founders felt a need to build something for them so as to provide proper training and employment to these people and that’s when the idea of Feet Me Up emerged as it aims at giving employment to uniquely abled people by training them in hand curating shoes and accessories. With Feet Me Up, they are no more a burden for society, but they can earn their livelihood themselves.

Feet Me Up is an initiative of I Care Learning School, a school engaged with children having special needs. This school is committed in their goals for providing children with customised support by designing curriculum and activities solely for the children. But the ultimate vision lied in making these children independent .Thus the idea of ” Let’s Make Dependent Independent ” was born. Feet Me Up was introduced to them to provide them a platform to give an opportunity to capitalize on the God’s gifts and talents in them. With the efforts of the team, we have now become hope of many such people with special needs who can now prove their worth. The hand painted shoes by them open the doors of financial freedom for such people.

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